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Sunday, July 20, 2014

World-class ASME conference on advanced manufacturing and design in Buffalo Aug 17-20

Representatives from General Electric, Boeing, Siemens, Honeywell and more visited Western New York in August to participate in a four-day conference in downtown Buffalo focusing on advanced manufacturing, robotics, 3-D printing, other innovations. Click here for more details

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Will every household soon have a 3-D printer? How does origami lead to safer airbags and other innovations? Will robots do more than vacuum your home? These questions and much more were deliberated as roughly 2,000 engineers gathered on Aug. 17-20, in Buffalo, N.Y., to discuss advanced manufacturing and design  (Click here to view the PDF version)

The event featured up to 2,000 engineers, ranging from Fortune 500 company executives and world-class scholars, to successful entrepreneurs and aspiring students (Click here to view the PDF version)
Engineering conference in downtown Buffalo focuses on advanced manufacturing and design. (Click here to view the PDF version)
These topics and more were discussed as up to 2,000 mechanical engineers gathered in downtown Buffalo.  (Click here to view the PDF version)
 (Click here to view the PDF version)
ASME: Revitalizing American Manufacturing
Industry Sector USA Lead Helmuth Ludwig joined experts from NASA and Proctor and Gamble at an ASME conference in Buffalo, New York to discuss the challenges and initiatives in enhancing US manufacturing competitiveness. Read More

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