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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Students selected to participate in prestigious Air For Nanosat competition

The University of Buffalo Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) has been selected by the US Air Force to compete in the University Nanosat Program.  This prestigious program tasks each team to design and manufacture a small satellite.  Ultimately, if all of the requirements for the program are met, we will have the opportunity to launch this satellite into orbit.  Other schools that have had the opportunity to compete include Cornell University, University of Central Florida, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
The current mission is to design and build a satellite system for the purpose of collecting photometric data on space debris which can be used for debris population characterization. Secondary mission objectives are to test autonomous orientation sensor calibration and inertia parameter determination approaches to serve the goals of Operationally Responsive Space. These mission objects will require the design of many system components, including but not limited to attitude determination and control systems, orbit determination systems, power systems, structural systems, and communication and data transmission.

The University Nanosat Program gives students the opportunity to work on an engineering team in the design and hands on construction of a physical satellite.  This program will provide students with a unique opportunity to be involved with a project with real world applications.  This will include opportunities for students to help develop their resumes through leadership experience.To find out more, contact the team at

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