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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MAE Professors Chung, Singh, and Singla author outstanding new texts

These texts will serve as valuable additions to the scientific literature both for practitioners in the field and as teaching resources.

Professor D Chung has authored two textbooks, entitled:
Composite Materials: Science and Applications
This tutorial-style reference book examines both structural composite materials (including their mechanical properties, durability, and degradation) and functional composite materials (including their electrical, piezoresistive, and thermal properties), as needed for a substantial range of applications. The emphasis on application-driven and process-oriented materials development is enhanced by a large amount of experimental results that provide real illustrations of composite materials development.
Functional Materials: Electrical, Dielectric, Electromagnetic, Optical, and Magnetic Applications
This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of functional materials, which are needed for electrical, dielectric, electromagnetic, optical, and magnetic applications. Materials concepts covered are strongly linked to applications.

Professor T Singh has authored a new monograph entitled:
Optimal Reference Shaping for Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications
This text provides a rigorous yet accessible presentation of the theory and numerical techniques used to shape control system inputs for achieving precise control when modeling uncertainties exist. It includes up-to-date techniques for the design of command-shaped profiles for precise, robust, and rapid point-to-point control of under-damped systems.

Professor P Singla has authored a new textbook entitled:
Multi-Resolution Methods for Modeling and Control of Dynamical Systems
Unifying important methodology in the field, this book explores existing approximation methods and develops new ones for the approximate solution of large-scale dynamical system problems. It brings together a wide set of material from classical orthogonal function approximation, neural network input-output approximation, finite element methods for distributed parameter systems, and various approximation methods used in adaptive control and learning theory. The text features benchmark problems throughout to offer insights and illustrate some of the computational implications.

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